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Hi - KPORT - 09-09-2015

I've just finished university and am hoping to be able to get some more wargaming in now that I am done.
I look forward to participating in this club and having some fun.

RE: Hi - Baron von Wreckedoften - 09-09-2015

Welcome - which university and what did you study? Anything historical?

Let us all know what periods/rules you game, or would like to try out.

Have you seen the "weekend" event coming up on 24-25 October? That would be a good opportunity to get to know some of the senior members (and vice-versa).

RE: Hi - Lawnranger - 09-09-2015

Can you make this Sunday ?

RE: Hi - KPORT - 09-09-2015

I was at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent and studied American History, my preference being the American Civil War which I did two dissertations on.
As such I have American Civil War in 15mm; the Alamo in 6mm; Wild West/19th Century Rioters in 28mm; WWII Germans in 28mm; and my interest in Modern warfare as piqued recently which I have in 20mm.
I'm hoping to run a few Modern scenarios with my homebrew rules this Sunday to try and streamline them. It will be open to anyone who is interested in participating

RE: Hi - Phil Yates - 09-10-2015

Welcome to the forums.

I won't be able to join you as I already have a game booked, but I will be sticking my nose in?

RE: Hi - duns.scotus - 09-10-2015

Nice to hear that you have ACW 15mm. I have plenty of both sides, but they are based for Peter Pig Civil War Battles, which doesn't seem to get played at our club (don't know why). I've also played Fire and Fury and Johnny Reb. See you on Sunday.

RE: Hi - KPORT - 09-10-2015

Yeah I have both sides for the Civil War, I've only ever tried Fire and Fury once but would be willing to bring my stuff down to try out Peter Pig

RE: Hi - MadMarkedMan - 09-10-2015

Hi Kport. Welcome to Wessex. I too have both side for 15mm ACW based for Fire & Fury. I've nothing planned and usually have my son (12) and his friend(s) with me.