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Frostgrave - Phil Yates - 08-19-2015

[Image: 19946518693_e0123ff216_k.jpg]Frostgrave Wizards by phil_yates, on Flickr
[Image: 20567405315_8ee8c1a3d9_k.jpg]Frostgrave Wizards by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 20541164836_837d606e3c_k.jpg]Frostgrave Wizards by phil_yates, on Flickr

RE: Frostgrave - Phil Yates - 08-19-2015

A quick job on these. I needed them completed and I'm not sure how much time I am going to have in the upcoming weeks.

It gives me enough for a starters and I can add to it over time.

[Image: 20518839430_da91a7899c_k.jpg]Frostgrave using otherworld miniatures. by phil_yates, on Flickr

RE: Frostgrave - Karl - 08-19-2015

Excellent. Love the guy on the left, very chracterfull face. Otherworld are a company that have slipped under my radar. But will check out there wares.

Have few bits painted up but waiting on some basing materials. Post some pics when there done.

RE: Frostgrave - Fat Wally - 08-19-2015

Lovely work Phil. You must be chuffed to bits. Well done. I wish sometimes I could paint 28mm.

RE: Frostgrave - Phil Yates - 08-20-2015


By chance I seem to have two of those guys on the left. Would you like it (no charge)

Mark suggested 500 points for our first game does that suit you?


I wish I could too Smile

RE: Frostgrave - Lawnranger - 08-20-2015

They look stunning mate are all the cast done by mark copplestone ? I think i could get into this game ..Not sure my painting will be as good as your stuff Phil ..
Look forward to seeing you play at the club WHEN i can get to the club .. that is..

Happy gaming dave.v

RE: Frostgrave - Karl - 08-20-2015

Won't say no to a free thief. Cheers ?

500 sounds good. Just to confirm first meet in sept? I can't make the end of August.

Dave. Get a band together only need a 6 or so models to play. It's an easy system to get into, even just a wizard and proxy some dark age/medieval minis

RE: Frostgrave - Phil Yates - 08-20-2015


Yes the first Sept date


RE: Frostgrave - Lawnranger - 08-22-2015

Ok ,will have to dig out my old citadel figs out must have a wizard in there some where ! might be on the small size but hay so am I 8) ..

RE: Frostgrave - Karl - 08-23-2015

Instead of opening a second frostgrave topic I'll hijack this one.
[Image: 20785249866_fc8930c4cb_c.jpg]Frostgrave by karl william, on Flickr
Thief, Barbarian and some treasure markers (objectives)
Bases not finished, been experimenting with snow effects on some spare bases. Not happy with my attempts so far Smile