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  3rd June meet
Posted by: Mog (Derek) - 05-24-2017, 07:35 AM - Forum: Organise a game - Replies (2)

Hi All

Free for a game of anything. GIve me a shout.


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  New FoGR competitions for late 2017
Posted by: BrendanM - 05-23-2017, 04:34 AM - Forum: Historical - No Replies

As promised on the Attack!/Devizes thread, here are details of two more competitions due to take place in October and December. Be aware that both will be played using ALL of the proposed rule amendments.

October 7-8, Derby Worlds (now at Lutterworth) - this is a team event, requiring three players, each playing in a different themed pool; these are TYW/ECW (note this is 28mm), tercio army (15mm), and elephant army (15mm), using 750, 850 and 800 points, respectively. At the moment, "Team Wessex" consists of my son Patrick and me, plus (hopefully) Paul Marsh; however, a first reserve would be useful, and at least one other team is currently short. We ourselves are looking to borrow armies for themes 1 and 3, so if anyone can help....

Details can be found below; given the distances involved, you will need accommodation for the Saturday night, and possibly the Friday as well.

December 10, "Oh, Vienna" (the siege/battle of Vienna, 1683)- 800 point, singles event, to be held at Trinity Church Hall in Abingdon (the former site of the annual BHGS doubles, now sadly defunct). There is no Slitherine thread for this, as yet, but the details are all here; the event is filling up quite fast, it appears, so don't be slow if you are interested:-

Southern League FOG R Abingdon Round 2017
Date: - Sunday 10th December 2017
Venue: - Trinity Church Hall, Conduit Road, Abingdon OX14 1DB
Allowable Armies: 800 points maximum
Duty & Glory book – Later Polish & Lithuanian, Hungarian Kuruc Rebellion, Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Eastern option only), Later German States (only Bavaria, Saxony, Swabia, or Franconia)
Clash of Empires book – Later Ottoman Turkish, Tatar

Note that spare armies are available for those with nothing "in period".

Format: - Three x 2 hours 30 minute games on pre-set terrain.

Set-up Rules: - Modifications to the normal set-up rules –
• light troops will deploy up to 21" and battle troops 16" in from the owning player’s base line.
• light/medium artillery & limbered heavy artillery can deploy up to 18" in from the base line
• unlimbered heavy artillery will still only be able to deploy at 15".
• heavy and medium artillery must be among the first round of BGs to be deployed.
• captured artillery will be removed during the JAP phase, after all auto routing troops have been removed.
• each player can elect to move one item of the pre-set terrain; after selecting which item of terrain they want to move the player rolls a D6 and can move the terrain as follows: -
1 = up to 3”
2 and 3 = up to 6”
4 = up to 9”
5 = up to 12” or pivot
6 = remove the terrain

Special Rules: -
1) The army cannot include more than 5 units with any pikemen capability.
2) No more than half of the foot battle troops in the army can be Superior or Elite.

3) The army must include at least 20 bases of mounted battle troops.
4) No more than half of the mounted battle troops in the army can be Superior or Elite.
5) Armies with insufficient Superior mounted battle troops in their army list to achieve this limit can upgrade whichever type of Average mounted troops in their list is most expensive in points to Superior up to the above limit.

6) For each Battle Group of Medium or Heavy Artillery, an army must contain:
- 12 stands of Foot Battle Troops (other than artillery), if the artillery BG is 2-3 stands
- 18 stands of Foot Battle Troops (other than artillery), if the artillery BG is 4 stands

The games will be played using the following starting times: -
1st Round 9.00am to 11.30am
15 minute break
2nd Round 11.45am to 2.15pm
15 minute break
3rd Round 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Prize giving

Car parking is tight as it is on public roads but it will be possible to car park behind the Conservative Club entrance in Conduit Road.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for £1 for the whole day

Cost: £15.00 per player, payable on the day.

Spaces: - Maximum number of players is 20.

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  Anyone fancy a FoGR game on June 3rd?
Posted by: BrendanM - 05-22-2017, 07:06 PM - Forum: Organise a game - Replies (4)

I'd like to try out a Mughal army for a "Way of the Warrior" competition at Oxford (previoulsy arranged for Leighton Buzzard) on June 11, and Patrick has an Eastern Woodland with British allies (1670s). Both armies are 750 points.

Any takers? ECW or Eastern European armies would be good opposition, but only 12 bases of mounted battle troops max (light horse in excess of this is allowable).

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  Message for Bob Peckham
Posted by: Mark Callow - 05-17-2017, 04:19 AM - Forum: Organise a game - Replies (1)

Hi Bob

I realise you are on holiday at present and will just see this when you come back Friday.

Young Dave Hurden would like to join in our Fire and Fury game at the weekend and he contacted me to ask to join in. I said fine, hope you ok with that.

See you Saturday morning

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  Wessex 20th May
Posted by: Mbaverstock - 05-14-2017, 09:10 AM - Forum: Organise a game - Replies (4)

Anybody free for a game on 20th May? NB I will not be staying overnight. Cheers.

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  FoGR at Attack! 2017 (Devizes)
Posted by: BrendanM - 05-09-2017, 06:40 PM - Forum: Historical - Replies (4)

Some news for FoGR fans - having initially decided to drop FoGR (doubles) from their tournament programme this year, the Devizes committee have relented and allowed us to have a singles competition, which is being organised by Bob Medcraft of the Oxford club, assisted by yours truly.

Provisionally, the theme is 1690s western Europe; 15mm, 900 points (but singles, not doubles as in previous years). The dates are Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July; you get two 3.5 hour games per day.

I am pretty sure that nobody at WWS has an appropriate army, unless we include later Russians and Ottomans (not sure if they are included in the theme as yet), but Bob has two or three spare armies if some of you want to give it a go. Alternatively, there's still a couple of months left for the quicker painters out there.

The FoGR tournament circuit has been plagued by low numbers this year to the point where a couple of team/doubles tournaments have been cancelled. I should stress that this is nothing to do with the proposed rule amendments, either (however, these will be used at Devizes, having been fairly successfully employed in the ECW Southern League round at Oxford on 30th April).

Anyone interested in playing, please let me know as soon as possible.


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  All weekenders and food
Posted by: Darren B - 05-09-2017, 08:12 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (13)

I want to get a general idea of what everyone would think of getting someone in to provide a proper buffet style breakfast on the Sunday morning of any weekender the club might put on.

Obviously there will be a cost attached to this and it would need to be paid up front to avoid embarrassing situations. The more people eating, the lower the cost. At the moment I can probably get £5 to £7 per head for a buffet style breakfast for 15 people.
Service would begin at 0830 and provide those that need it with a proper hangover cure.

All those interested say 'sausages'

Note: I doubt I would be able to organise this in time for the Upcoming weekender in may.

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  6th may meet
Posted by: Bob P - 05-05-2017, 11:12 AM - Forum: Organise a game - Replies (2)

was not sure of making it but now can will be bringing BBDBA armies midianite arab vs kassite babylonian camels against chariots and my new early imperial roman army vs ancient british. the romans first 3 battles=defeat vs dacian victory vs dacian victory vs ancient brithsh in all3 roman lost half there legionaries so medium foot war band much more dangerous than in FOG. hopefully some one will be free.

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  Tiger Day at Bovington
Posted by: Mark Callow - 04-30-2017, 02:29 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (3)


Can't seem to upload videos here so here is a link to my flickr account with a few pictures and a video of the Tiger starting up from yesterday.
Sorry for the sound quality but it was done from my phone from a far distance away.

Great day out.

There is another one on 16th September

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  Free for a game next meet
Posted by: Mog (Derek) - 04-25-2017, 01:12 PM - Forum: Organise a game - No Replies


I'm free for a game next session that's if you remember who I am Smile. Been one thing after another for the last 4 sessions. Twice at various hospitals (not for me or for anything serious), working once and on holiday in Italy the other.

Now Salute has been and gone I have finally invested in a copy of PZG so now have to make my mind up about scale and side to concentrate on. I am leaning towards 15mm and Russian. I could quite fancy a game to help me get the rules more in mind though. (no figures yet).

Failing that quite happy to have a game of anything that's going Wink.


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