Full Version: For Dave Ed
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Dear Dave

Since we have both responded to Mark Callow request for the 23 perhaps we can meet each other for a FoG ancients game.

I have some Romans who might do a turn as opposition to your Carthaginians.

Is this of interest to you?


Fine, how many points?
Dear Dave

Thanks for the reply.
I guess the points tally is dependent upon your view of the speed of the game.
More point = more spectacle, but the progress of the game will probably be in inverse proportion to the number figures!
I have only played 2 or 3 games under FoG, so I may appear to dither a bit, especially at the set up phase. Last game was against genial John Watson with 650 points. That seemed enough.
I would suggest in the between 650 and up to a maximum of 800. Do you have a set formula for army size?
I don't have any set formula, but I know you don't get many Romans for the points, I'll leave it to you with whatever you feel comfortable with.