Full Version: February 9th
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At a loose end too, anyone fancy a game?
I am unexpectedly able to attend the Wessex on Saturday.
So I am free for a game.
What would you like. I could do FOG A or a naval game. What do you suggest?

Captain Bob
(02-04-2019, 01:02 PM)DaveĀ Ed Wrote: [ -> ]At a loose end too, anyone fancy a game?

Dave - If you're at the Club on Saturday, I'm playing Brian (Essex) in the ECW campaign; I'd be interested in fixing up some dates to play you in the 2019 FoG:R competition. I'm already fixed up for March 9th (Jon Philp) and April 6th (Paul Marsh), so give some thought to which days you are free - I prefer to try and fit two games into a long Saturday, if possible.
Hi Bob,

I'm quite happy with either, if Fog A I'll be using Carthaginians. If naval you'll be stitched up with bringing everything! Which would you prefer?

Lets go with FOG A.
If you are having Carthaginians I suppose I should have Republican Romans.
As it is an all day how about 900points each.

Captain Bob
900 points, sounds good to me. Romans, I might even outnumber you for once!
I think you will. You don't get many Romans for your points.
See you on Saturday.

Captain Bob