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Hi all,
I have finally started clearing out my war-games room and have some free boardgames. If anyone wants them before they go to Oxfam or the like, please let me know and I will bring them to the club. All games are complete as far as I know.
The games are:-
Fury of Dracula (1st Edition) with painted limited edition metal figures
TSR's Battle of Britain (1st Edition)
Avalon Hill's Flat Top (Carrier war in the Pacific)
Avalon Hill's Naval Battles
TSR's Maxi Bourse (unplayed)
Oil Barons (unplayed)
Frustration (kid's game)
Parker Toys Dungeons and Dragons (unplayed). There is also an expansion in the box but I don't know if all the models are there for the expansion. Wouldn't stop anyone playing it though.

There will be more stuff over the next few weeks. Any games I will list on the forum. Any figures I will bring to the club. Any books I will put in the book sale at the Hall. If you wish to make a donation to club funds please do so.


Hi John

Would be interested in Flat Top please
Consider it yours Mark. I probably won't be at the club this meeting, but hope to be there for a while at the all weekender in early May.
Ok John

See you at the all weekender and if you let me know what you think is a decent donation for it i will give the club the cash on the day
Hi John,

I wouldn't mind TSR's Battle of Britain (1st Edition) and Avalon Hill's Naval Battles, if that's OK.

Hi Mark LG,
I have put these aside for you. Will bring them along to the Saturday of the all weekender, unless I see you on the Friday before.