Full Version: Salute 2018
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Is anyone going up to this and looking to share travel costs?
Sorry - not taking car to Salute this year
No need to be sorry Lawrence

I take it you are getting a lift with other club members?
Have you considered group travel by train, which often includes discounts?
Helping out with Magister Militum, so getting a lift to the show
blimey with Ian Kelvin and you there it will be like a club meet
Chance to get my ears bent by Kelvin with no escape
I dare say you will all be far too busy for that to happen
Hi Mark,
I will be there with Dave Lanchester books, but going up Friday and back Sunday as seeing family and friends too
Nice show - didn't get much chance to look around as I was working but saw the only trader I wanted to see. Saw a few WWS members.
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